About Us

Southern Bridge Capital is a leading Latin American based residential real estate company that has raised over US$400 million of committed capital. Through its private equity and debt vehicles, the firm develops residential communities via JV platforms established with local best-in-class developers. Our communities include a focus on their social impact, in support of the United Nation's SDGs.

Since SBC's inception in 2007, the firm has invested in over 40 projects representing over 45,000 residential units with a development value of over US$3.7 billion.

SBC has been instrumental in working with local governments to expand investment in low and middle-income housing and for over 5 years has been recognized as a market leader in social impact reporting. We have undertaken JVs with leading impact investors and NGOs to increase the impact of our large scale communities.

SBC's current target countries are Colombia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Chile and the Dominican Republic with offices located across the target region.