A leading Latin American real estate company.

The SBC platform has been successful in attracting capital to the Latin America and Caribbean region since 2007 and, in aggregate, we have invested in projects that envision the construction of over 50,000 units.  These investments are targeted towards key countries where we have the appropriate JV relationships and market insights.

Our projects will produce housing for over 250,000 individuals. The multiplier effect on these economies of our capital deployed to date is over 9x that capital investment. When one factors in the flows for land acquisition - which is often reinvested by the local families who have their land purchased from them; the wealth creation effects of purchases from local suppliers providing the hard and soft costs of construction and, of course, tax receipts paid from payroll taxes, permits, fees and corporation taxes paid to local governments and national governments. This provides a boost of almost US$2.5BN over the lifetime of our current funds - helping SBC to build communities across Latin America.

We view the following as the key steps to ‘building communities’:

1.) Attract capital formation – encourage others to provide capital

2.) Support JV partners and increase number of projects completed

3.) Directly contribute to economic growth, improve the general tax base and enable the “multiplier” effect to work

4.) Help impact investment decisions and encourage JV partners to consider broader stakeholders, e.g. the environment when considering their investment activities